Helping A Small Business Grow

Thank you for YOUR support.
Without YOUR support I cannot continue to be the creative that I am and have worked hard to be for decades, walking in the snow uphill both ways back and forth to school (Originally I am from Buffalo, NY - Go Bills!!) Plus the love and pain a Bills fan goes through.

I have be fortunate to travel the country, living and working in much of it as you will see through some thoughts and designs. Working on large and small creative projects across 47 states (only 3 left to go)

If you have an issue or a problem (please, please let me know - so I can fix it - things happen)

So pretty please, before you tell King Google or Zuck that I suck and ruined your life - please reach out and let me know what happened so I can work on a fair resolution.
If you LOVE my work 5 Star Reviews help the world go around and are most appreciated.


You have questions, I have answers (or email me so I can resolve your issue :)

I truly appreciate YOUR order and want you happy with YOUR custom (hand crafted) designed gift you purchased from me (not a massive company).

It is suggested to hand wash the tumblers - but only because in time it is likely (not guaranteed) to not hold the cold or hot as long as it originally did.
It is laser engraved powder coat (not a sticker) and can withstand the dishwasher for many washes - but it's up to you.

Potentially, the best way to create and develop a long lasting friendship with someone is by giving them a letmebefrankDESIGN gift. You never know until you try...

YES, I have been an Art Director, Set Dresser, Event Decorator, Special Props design and many other areas of Art Departments. I am used to reviewing the needs and details of the department and working in an efficient manner.
My capabilities cover many aspects of production and I look forward to becoming a strong resource when needed.
I look forward to hearing from Art Department friends out there as well as making new ones!

Again, I'm here for you. Send over that logo or pick one of the fun unique creations. A letmebefrankDESIGN custom is a great gift.
It can even become an annual thing, which is a perfect idea.

I do, I can, I have and I will :) that's how this all started.

I have been building media for decades. Creating brands for businesses, trade shows and props for Hollywood commercials, music videos and feature films.
Large quantities of items is a normalcy and I do have the backup when needed.
Either way, Covid typically has caused some supply issues (I'm pretty stocked)- but I immediately check supply and respond within 48 hrs if there is to be an issue.

Hey, I am here to help with such a situation. It happens, you need the coolest creative gift and I happen to make them. I got you.

Cancellations must be made via email within 26 min after being ordered. Mostly because products go directly into custom production within the hour the order comes in.

AFTER THAT - like many relationships, it's complicated

Stopping that creative hand crafting train is harder and more expensive than you may think. (If you immediately recognize something is truly wrong - immediately message me for the possibility of me hitting the giant red stop the world button - it may be too late, but act super duper fast.)

Returns and exchanges

Again, I truly appreciate YOUR order and based on each product made to order, most often customized/personalized I cannot accept Returns.

BUT back in the land of happiness or a mistake of some sort has occurred, I am here to help sort it out. So pretty please before you tell King Google or Zuck that I suck and ruined your life - please reach out and let me know what happened so I can work on a fair resolution.

Also - regifting is in this season, so if there's nothing wrong with it - send it to a friend who may appreciate it's beauty more than you.

Shipping policy

Use this section for any descriptive text you need to fill out your pages or to add introductory headings between other blocks.

Please be advised that USPS has been having shipping delays due to being short staffed surrounding the current state of events. This may include: packages not being scanned for several days after arriving at the post office, delays at sorting facilities causing packages to not move to the next location, and short staffing in your local area causing delivery date set backs. PLEASE message me if you notice anything that seems abnormal on your tracking info so I can watch your order and make sure you receive it. I will use all possible actions available to resolve carrier issues and let you know what you can do as well to help get your items delivered. Any issues will be handled on a case by case basis since this is out of the norm.

I only ship to the USA and Canada.
Note that there are restrictions on some products, and some products cannot be shipped to international destinations.
International recipients are responsible for any duties, tariffs, and/or taxes.

When your order comes in - it immediately goes into the processing que. There are many steps throughout the process and it's moving along.
Maybe not as fast as Amazon (or in some cases maybe blazing faster!!!) My goal is for it to be correct and hand crafted well - so your patience is much appreciated.
Shipping is also it's own ball of wax - but I truly want my art in your hands as fast as human quality possible.

Contact me to review this. A shipping/customer error on the customer - shipping back or replacement is at the customers expense.
Again, I am here to help for the best and most fair outcome.