Hey, it’s Frank. After 25 years of traveling our great country and designing for movies, music videos, commercials, trade shows, props, interior, events, marketing, branding, merchandise and businesses of all kinds - I bring you the artist in me - Hollywood Frank.
I've meticulously spent a great deal of time and have had a lot of fun designing all of this, and excited for you to enjoy it!
Please spend some time with the FAQ section before you buy anything, so you can make sure that what you get is what you’ll love. Because either way at that point - it's yours :)
Don't forget to send me a pic of your new favorite thing! Frank C Pusateri

"The perfect gift for someone special, even if that special someone is you!" 

• Make sure you measure from the charts provided for YOUR correct size. 

• Make sure you put in YOUR correct shipping address. 

• Colors and alignment on products (models & mock ups) WILL vary. 

• Some printing processes may leave a residue or have a natural odor - this will come out with one wash (if it happens) and this is normal. 

• Great things take time, so please be patient when waiting for your order.

• If you see one of my designs on something that you love (awww thank you) but isn't on another product - message me and I will put it on that product for you to enjoy.   

• Questions? Comments? Concerns? or Suggestions? - message me - 

I thank all of you for supporting my artistry :) Frank 

All sales are final.
Our products don’t exist before you order them — once you check out, the item is then set to be made. We think this process is pretty great, and you can be sure that your new purchase hasn’t been tried on by countless other people before you. It’s just for you! Once you place your order, there's an instant flurry of activity; printing, testing, packing, and shipping. This entire process takes from 1-4 weeks, depending on various factors like where we're sending your product, or what type of product you've ordered.  So, if you’re purchasing for a special occasion, be sure you get those orders in early!

Variations may occur between products with respect to color, stitching, and design placement. Please check our size chart as products will have a different fit among styles.

Products and pricing may change at any time. We try to keep things consistent, but manufacturing processes are constantly evolving, and so we make sure that you are always getting the best prices by updating them when needed. 

Is shipping free?  We are running a FREE shipping promotion through the end of October, and so standard shipping for our products is 100% free. Our products aren't made until you say the word go, and undergo extensive quality testing afterwards, so keep in mind that the time from ordering to receiving your item may take from 1-4 weeks, depending on where you're sending your items. 

Where can you ship product? We can, and happily will, send most of our products all over the world! Please note that if you do not live in the United States you may incur an additional shipping cost (it’s worth it!). Worldwide shipping is not available for every product.

Shipping Address Please make sure you list YOUR correct shipping address. While this may seem simple, we are not able to update your shipping address after you place your order. Please, please review your shipping address and make sure it is correct. Hundreds of packages are actually lost each year due to people putting in THEIR incorrect address. 

Do you take returns or cancellations? No. Unfortunately, since our products are created when you order them, we cannot accept items to be returned or exchanged. If your item arrives damaged, however, we are able to work with that and get you an undamaged item; don't throw it out, as we might have you ship it back to us -- just reach out to us and include photos of your damaged products and packaging materials, and we will make it right. 

Can I cancel my order? Due to the printing process we use, we are unable to cancel orders once they are placed. Once an order is placed it is put into production immediately; we are not able to stop this process after the fact. So, make double sure you've selected exactly what you want in the perfect size! 

Do you provide color matching? We aren’t able to provide color matching, because our printing process uses a few different technologies. We’ve made sure to review all the available color options, and we’re confident that you’ll love the colors we’ve selected, but they will vary slightly from what you see on your screen -- generally, the shade will be slightly darker. Sorry, none of our colors glow!

Products are printed separately, and not in large batches, so some color variations amongst the same products may also occur. Prints can and may not align exactly with photos. This is not considered to be a defect but a feature of the product and our process.

If you’re not quite sure about a color, contact us! We’ll be happy to help make sure that you select the right print and color. 

Do you do custom orders? We do not offer custom designs, but we are always thankful for suggestions.

I have a different question. No worries! We’re here to help. Send us an email, or message us via our contact form, and we’ll be in touch.

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